No one plans for a bad day on the water. When your day of fun leaves you in need of quality boat repair, the professionals at Big Sky Collision Center have you covered. From dents and dings to standard maintenance, we can get you in today to get you back in the water as quickly as possible.

Fiberglass Boat Repairs

Fiberglass is just as popular in boat construction as it is in several other industries. Fiberglass has a longer lifespan when compared to substrates like wood. Fiberglass can come with it’s own problems, but the expert technicians are trained to handle your maintenance and restorations needs.

Fatigue and De-lamination

Fiberglass boats endure stress from a number of sources. Vibrations from impacting waves can cause fatigue and reduce the life of the boat’s hull without regular maintenance. Boats that contain a wood layer within the construction of the fiberGlass may experience de-lamination if water is allowed to pool in the hull’s bilge. The water can begin to break down the wood contained within the fiberglass of some boats.  These repairs can be complex, but our qualified team is here to help.


Blisters in the surface of your boat can result from collisions or other abuse. Left unattended, they can expand over time and lead to cracks in the fiberglass surface. Immediate repair can prevent damage that could become more severe over time. To repair blisters, a trained technician will typically remove the top gel coat and damaged substrate, then use resin to repair the damage.

Boat Painting: Refinish or Custom

Once your repairs are finished you want to make sure your paint is restored to its original beauty and a new gel top coat is properly applied. Our expert team will make sure no one will ever bring up the story about the rock that wasn’t there a minute ago. From graphics to full custom paint for boats, our professional paint technicians can help bring your ideas to life.

To learn more about our boat repair services, contact Big Sky Collision Center today.