Quality windshield repair and replacement is vital for ensuring the value of your car or truck. The professional technicians at Big Sky Collision Center will remove your old windshield and use the highest quality materials available to install the replacement to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Quality OEM Auto Glass

When we install your new glass, we use the highest quality glass acquired from award-winning manufacturers and suppliers to replace your damaged windshield, mirrors, or windows. The glass used by the professionals at Big Sky Collision Center are either OEM or equivalent.

An OEM glass will be nearly identical to the glass installed by the factory in almost every way. Made to the manufacturer’s very specific regulations the glass will match the original in scale, shape, and color. Durability and thickness are almost identical as well. More importantly, OEM windshields are certified by the Department of Transportation to assure your safety.

Why is repairing your auto glass important?

  • Small chips can turn into cracks, especially in the cold weather of Bozeman, MT. When it’s extremely cold outside auto glass becomes more concave, which adds stress to the windshield and makes cracks more likely to spread. Using the defrost can cause a significant difference in temperature, adding more stress to the glass.
  • Once a windshield has cracked it can obstruct driver visibility, potentially creating blind spots. Having a cracked windshield could also leave you open to a citation.
  • Windshields provide up to 30% of the vehicle’s structural integrity. This helps support your roof in the case of a roll-over. Damaged glass can also affect proper deployment of the front airbags.
  • Auto glass repairs are often a fast and inexpensive process. Once they turn into cracks, the cost may be significantly higher.

Whatever your auto glass repair or replacements needs may be, the experts at Big Sky Collision Center can take care of the repair or replacement. We know how valuable your time is, so we work with all insurances for your auto glass repairs.